Set Up Password Protection to External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a convenient and widely used mobile data storage device. Users can carry their large amount of data stored in external hard drive with them whenever and wherever they want. Data and applications saved in this removable hard drive are always available as long as users have access to a computer.
So, the advantage of external hard drive lies in its portability.  

To ensure the security and privacy of the data one should prevent unauthorized access to the external hard disk drive. To do this you can use a software encryption program.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a preinstalled utility included with some editions of Windows Vista and later operating systems. If you cannot find this utility in your Windows edition, then you can get other third-party software (like TrueCrypt). However, Bitlocker Drive Encryption is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. Windows can encrypt entire operating system drives and removable devices with its built-in BitLocker encryption.

The following step by step method can help you to encrypt your external hard disk drive using Bitlocker.

Connect your external hard disk drive to the computer.

Navigate through Start | Control Panel | Security | BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Click "Turn On BitLocker" next to your listed external hard drive.

Select Use a password to unlock the drive option and enter a password then click on Next

This step is very important. Choose a right option to save the recovery key. Click on Save to a file option and browse to a location where you want to store the recovery key and click on Save button. Or simply click on Save to a USB flash drive. Click "Next."

Any of the selected option creates a recovery key, so you can decrypt the drive if you forget your password.

Click "Start Encrypting". 

The encryption process may take several minutes or even hours to complete, depending on the size of your drive and your processing power.


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