Powerful Search Tools to Find Files and Folders Quickly

Do you want to find a file or folder from the huge amount of data in the hard disk quickly? You may have a large number of files and folders stored on your computer’s storage device. Nowadays most of the people are using large storage devices. Many people do not organize their files and folder in a proper manner. Then searching for a particular file of folder is cumbersome and time-consuming even if you use Windows search as it is too slow.

In this post I am going to tell you about the most powerful, faster, efficient and FREE search tools.

Quick Search
Quick search is powerful search tool that can be used on Windows to locate your files and folders instantly. It has an easy to use interface. Quick search automatically indexes all file & folder names after installation. It lists all the files/folders even before you finish typing the name of the file/folder. You can search for only files or only folders by selecting the appropriate options available in the left pane Quick Search Tool. It also facilitates filter search options i.e. you can filter your search by selecting Documents, Pictures, Music, Programs or Videos options.

Features of Quick Search:
Locate files and folders by key words.
Quick file indexing.
Quick and real-time searching.
Minimal resource usages.
Small and easy-to-use with intuitive interface.

You can download Quick Search from this Link

Everything is also the most powerful file search engine on Windows. It is tiny and feature-rich. It contains wide variety of options to perform a search. Everyone can use this application to search for the files or folders without spending lot of time. It can find any files you need from the mass of files in the hard disk the very moment you press enter for search.

Everything also contains built in HTTP and ETP/FTP server function, which can turn your HDD to a website or FTP. Anybody with your IP address can download files from you. Searching files in HTTP is as fast as on local hard drive.

To start an HTTP or ETP/FTP server to share files, you just have to go for Tools and then Options. On HTTP or ETP/FTP tab, click Enable those servers and you start sharing. For the FTP, you will need a FTP client to do so.

Click on "Everything" to download it.


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