Is Microsoft Going to Launch a SIM card?

Microsoft is making an interesting move from a company that primarily concerns itself with software and hardware. It is planning to launch its own data SIM card. Users of Windows 10 will be able to use their Microsoft account to login and buy data across cellular carriers using this SIM card. 
Cellular Data through Microsoft SIM
Recently, a company called Transatel announced that it had been chosen by Microsoft to facilitate the services. Transatel is an international mobile virtual network operator. There are chances that Transatel’s SIM may be rebranded as the Microsoft SIM.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced its plans, but it has launched an app called  "Cellular Datain its store that will let users connect to a nationwide high-speed mobile data network using a Microsoft SIM card.

The app listing also states that you’ll be able to buy mobile data through your Windows device and it’ll be tied to your Microsoft account. Plans for use within your country will become available first, and international roaming will follow. Microsoft told it has nothing more to share beyond the information that's publicly available right now. We need to wait for further information about the  "Cellular Dataservice by Microsoft. 


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