How to Install Windows Using Bootable USB?

To install the Operating System, generally we use a DVD & DVD writer. In case, if your DVD writer is not working, then you can use your pen drive to perform installation of Windows Operating System. For this you need not to use any third party software. Just follow these simple steps to make Bootable USB to install Windows Operating System.

Pen Drive (at least 4 GB)
DVD or ISO Image file of Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Steps to make Bootable USB:

Connect your pen drive (take a Backup of all the important data)
Type cmd in Windows search box, Right click on Command Prompt & select Run as administrator & click on Yes in the User Account Control box.

In the command prompt type diskpart
When Diskpart utility is loaded, type list disk  

List Disk command shows a list of storage devices connected to the system.In the above figure, Disk 0’s size is 931 GB. By this we can understand that it is the hard disk. Disk 1’s size is 3824 MB, so it is the disk we have to select to make it bootable.

Now type select disk 1 (You should be very careful while identifying the right disk) and simply type the rest of the commands as given below
Create partition primary
Format fs=ntfs quick

Complete set of commands are :
After exiting from the diskpart utility… Insert Windows OS DVD into DVD RW/ROD  or Mount the ISO file using MagicDisc. 
Copy all the content from Windows OS DVD or from ISO file into the pen drive.
Your Bootable USB is ready to use. Connect this USB drive to any desktop or laptop and select Removable Disk or USB Drive as First Boot Device from the Boot menu to install the latest Windows OS.

This method perfectly works under Windows 7/8/8.1/10. 
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