Best Free Parental Control Software to Safeguard Online Activities

Internet is an amazing resource for everyone. It became the most influential and powerful medium in the world. But there are also many dangers. Researches revealed that many kids and students are attracted towards internet and social media. They spend lot of time on the web. It indicates the need to educate children on the hazards that can happen on the World Wide Web. It’s time for the parents to teach their children about online safety. Keeping your kids safe from the web's darker corners can take a little work.

I suggest the parents to monitor the online activities of their children. In this post I will let you know about the best parental control software that can block the access to inappropriate content.

Best Free Parental Control Software


Qustodio is a free parental control service designed for the parents who wants to ensure online safety of their children. Parents need not to have strong technical skills to use it. It is very easy to setup and takes little time. You can monitor the online activities of your children or family members from anywhere after setting up your account in Qustodio. All you need to do is download Qustodio and follow the instructions. 

Install it after downloading Qustodio from the above download link.

Select I don't have a Qustodio account

Enter your Name, Email address, password and click on Next

Just Click on Next button to proceed.

Enter the Name of your child or family member that you want to monitor and click on Next

Give a name to your Device eg: HOME-PC. You can also select Hide Qustodio on this device, then click on Next

Choose an Account and Click on Next

 You will see several screens before the following screen appears. The installation is finished. Now click on Go to my Family Portal

Enter your Email, password and Log In

Then you will see the Qustodio Family Protection portal. 

Qustodio portal provides a colourful Dashboard. You can monitor the activities of your children from anywhere by just logging into your Qustodio account. You can change the settings using the Rules tab in the Dashboard. However the free version have some limitations. Even though it is very helpful to keep your children safe from online hazards. 


Norton Family is a free comprehensive parental control service to safeguard the online experiences of the children. To set up Norton Family go to Norton Family website and register for Norton Family, create child profiles, and install Norton Family on the devices that your child uses.

For further assistance click on this Link


HT Parental Controls (Trial Version - 14 Days)

HT Parental Controls helps you to monitor your family members both when online and offline. It is a feature-rich software that contains plenty of features like Facebook blocking, website blocking, Application blocking, Windows security, time controls, screen capture, email reporting, etc. It also works as a keylogger i.e. it captures all the keystrokes (words or sentences). 

You can filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental ControlsIt is an extra-ordinary program to keep your kids safe on the Internet.  
You can download and use its trial version from this Link.


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