8 Best Search Engines for Accurate Search Results

Search engines help us find what we're looking for on a varied range of subjects. They filter information and retrieve data. There are a number of search engines available on internet.  Each search engine delivers a different list of search results. But, it might not always be pleasant. Actually, what do we expect from a search engine? The answer is: Relevant results, easy to read interface, Helpful options to filter a search.

1. Most of the people use only Google as it is the world's most popular search engine, and processes millions of searches every single day all over the globe. 

Whether you're looking to dive into advanced search or you're just getting started, you'll find this search tool most of the useful and versatile online.

Instead of using Google, you can use other search engines to find more accurate results. Give a try to the following search engines.

2. Bing is one of the younger search engines. Bing offers a straightforward search experience with real-time accents; their goal is to answer your search queries with the most relevant, up to date information.  
Bing’s video search is better than other search engines. Instead of giving you a vertical list of videos with small thumbnails, it gives you a grid of large thumbnails that you can click on to play without leaving Bing. For some videos, it’ll even give you a preview if you hover over.
Bing puts related searches and related image searches to the right of your search results, while google puts them near the bottom.

3. Yandex is another popular Russian search engine. It provides more accurate search details by eliminating unworthy content.

Bing, Google and Yandex have the similar tabs to filter searches as well as preference menus. You can choose from tabs labeled Web, video, images, shopping, news and maps, and you can also set your preferences to filter explicit content.

4. DuckDuckGo, an oddly named search engine, has gained quite a bit of popularity because of its policy of not tracking what users are looking for, making it possible to keep your searches as private as possible.

5. Ask.com is the #1 question answering service that delivers the best answers from the web and real people - all in one place.

Most Useful Indian Search Engines:
6. Justdial India’s No.1 local search engine provides comprehensive updated information on all Products and Services.

7. Grotal is a leading search engine that provides you latest and updated information about any business or service in India. Get full details about any business like website, contact details, address, phone number etc.

8. Asklaila India’s local information service. Search for Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Cinemas, Entertainment, Spa, Salon, Doctors, Schools, Coffee shops, Movies, Events and more – with user reviews and recommendation. 

You can also find many other search engines - like DogpileLycosAolAboutYahoo, etc...


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