3 Best Ways to Download Paid Apps for Free

Google Playstore is the most comprehensive android app store. Here you can find almost every app you want. But, unfortunately not all the apps are free to use. There are lot of paid apps in the store. In order to install and use these paid apps you have to pay some money.
But, still there are few app stores that provide paid apps for free.


Aptoide is the largest Android app store and best alternative to Google Playstore. It allows users to setup and manage their own Android Store. In this store you can find thousands of Paid apps for Free. Aptoide allows users to upload apps so that other users can use them for free. Aptoide verifies the uploaded apps to ensure the safety and then displays in the app store.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is an app store for android smartphones and tablets. It provides you many apps without any registration. Many paid apps can be found on Blackmart for Free. This market is very simple to use and offers many features. Actually in this market some users share all the data files and apk of the premium app so that other users can also download them. So if you want to download paid apps for free then you can use Blackmart.

There is no “trial” or “test” app, only full and free apps available on the Blackmart Alpha market. Drawback is there are very few apps available in the store.

You can download the app from here: Blackmart


This is an another android app store which provides best available alternates to paid apps. When you select the alternate you will be redirected to google Play store to download the app. Antiroid helps you to find and download alternative for any paid app from Google Play store.


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