Set Up Password Protection to External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a convenient and widely used mobile data storage device. Users can carry their large amount of data stored in external hard drive with them whenever and wherever they want. Data and applications saved in this removable hard drive are always available as long as users have access to a computer.
So, the advantage of external hard drive lies in its portability.  

To ensure the security and privacy of the data one should prevent unauthorized access to the external hard disk drive. To do this you can use a software encryption program.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a preinstalled utility included with some editions of Windows Vista and later operating systems. If you cannot find this utility in your Windows edition, then you can get other third-party software (like TrueCrypt). However, Bitlocker Drive Encryption is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. Windows can encrypt entire operating system drives and removable devices with its built-in BitLocker encryption.

The following step by step method can help you to encrypt your external hard disk drive using Bitlocker.

Connect your external hard disk drive to the computer.

Navigate through Start | Control Panel | Security | BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Click "Turn On BitLocker" next to your listed external hard drive.

Select Use a password to unlock the drive option and enter a password then click on Next

This step is very important. Choose a right option to save the recovery key. Click on Save to a file option and browse to a location where you want to store the recovery key and click on Save button. Or simply click on Save to a USB flash drive. Click "Next."

Any of the selected option creates a recovery key, so you can decrypt the drive if you forget your password.

Click "Start Encrypting". 

The encryption process may take several minutes or even hours to complete, depending on the size of your drive and your processing power.
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How To Download Youtube Videos Without Using Any Software?

"YouTube" is the world’s largest and most popular online video streaming service. We enjoy watching videos on Youtube. But what about downloading the videos from YouTube? You can’t find a download option on Youtube. Many people use download managers (for example: Internet Download Manager or IDM) to download the videos from it.

In this post you can find very simple and awesome tricks to download videos from YouTube without using any software.

Method 1:

Open a web browser and navigate to
Search and open the video that you want to download
Go to the address bar and type ss just before

For example the original address:

Hit enter key after editing the URL. Then you will be navigated to an another page ( where you can find links to download the video. Here you can choose the quality of the video or simply you can select mp3 format from the Download options.

Method 2:

The another easiest way to download the videos from Youtube is here.
Search and click on the video you want to download
Copy the url from the address bar.
Now open website
Paste the copied url into the box and click on DOWNLOAD button.

You can choose whatever quality or video format you want. You can also find the MP3 format at the bottom of the list.
There is an another website which is very similar to
Use any one of the above mentioned tricks to download the videos from YouTube without any third-party software. 
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How to Install Windows Using Bootable USB?

To install the Operating System, generally we use a DVD & DVD writer. In case, if your DVD writer is not working, then you can use your pen drive to perform installation of Windows Operating System. For this you need not to use any third party software. Just follow these simple steps to make Bootable USB to install Windows Operating System.

Pen Drive (at least 4 GB)
DVD or ISO Image file of Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Steps to make Bootable USB:

Connect your pen drive (take a Backup of all the important data)
Type cmd in Windows search box, Right click on Command Prompt & select Run as administrator & click on Yes in the User Account Control box.

In the command prompt type diskpart
When Diskpart utility is loaded, type list disk  

List Disk command shows a list of storage devices connected to the system.In the above figure, Disk 0’s size is 931 GB. By this we can understand that it is the hard disk. Disk 1’s size is 3824 MB, so it is the disk we have to select to make it bootable.

Now type select disk 1 (You should be very careful while identifying the right disk) and simply type the rest of the commands as given below
Create partition primary
Format fs=ntfs quick

Complete set of commands are :
After exiting from the diskpart utility… Insert Windows OS DVD into DVD RW/ROD  or Mount the ISO file using MagicDisc. 
Copy all the content from Windows OS DVD or from ISO file into the pen drive.
Your Bootable USB is ready to use. Connect this USB drive to any desktop or laptop and select Removable Disk or USB Drive as First Boot Device from the Boot menu to install the latest Windows OS.

This method perfectly works under Windows 7/8/8.1/10. 
All the Best !
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Best Free Parental Control Software to Safeguard Online Activities

Internet is an amazing resource for everyone. It became the most influential and powerful medium in the world. But there are also many dangers. Researches revealed that many kids and students are attracted towards internet and social media. They spend lot of time on the web. It indicates the need to educate children on the hazards that can happen on the World Wide Web. It’s time for the parents to teach their children about online safety. Keeping your kids safe from the web's darker corners can take a little work.

I suggest the parents to monitor the online activities of their children. In this post I will let you know about the best parental control software that can block the access to inappropriate content.

Best Free Parental Control Software


Qustodio is a free parental control service designed for the parents who wants to ensure online safety of their children. Parents need not to have strong technical skills to use it. It is very easy to setup and takes little time. You can monitor the online activities of your children or family members from anywhere after setting up your account in Qustodio. All you need to do is download Qustodio and follow the instructions. 

Install it after downloading Qustodio from the above download link.

Select I don't have a Qustodio account

Enter your Name, Email address, password and click on Next

Just Click on Next button to proceed.

Enter the Name of your child or family member that you want to monitor and click on Next

Give a name to your Device eg: HOME-PC. You can also select Hide Qustodio on this device, then click on Next

Choose an Account and Click on Next

 You will see several screens before the following screen appears. The installation is finished. Now click on Go to my Family Portal

Enter your Email, password and Log In

Then you will see the Qustodio Family Protection portal. 

Qustodio portal provides a colourful Dashboard. You can monitor the activities of your children from anywhere by just logging into your Qustodio account. You can change the settings using the Rules tab in the Dashboard. However the free version have some limitations. Even though it is very helpful to keep your children safe from online hazards. 


Norton Family is a free comprehensive parental control service to safeguard the online experiences of the children. To set up Norton Family go to Norton Family website and register for Norton Family, create child profiles, and install Norton Family on the devices that your child uses.

For further assistance click on this Link


HT Parental Controls (Trial Version - 14 Days)

HT Parental Controls helps you to monitor your family members both when online and offline. It is a feature-rich software that contains plenty of features like Facebook blocking, website blocking, Application blocking, Windows security, time controls, screen capture, email reporting, etc. It also works as a keylogger i.e. it captures all the keystrokes (words or sentences). 

You can filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental ControlsIt is an extra-ordinary program to keep your kids safe on the Internet.  
You can download and use its trial version from this Link.

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Turn Your PC, Laptop or Smartphone into Wi-Fi Hotspot or Virtual Router

Wi-Fi Hotspot allows us to share a wireless internet connection through the use of a router. A Wi-Fi hotspot is nothing but a wireless access point that provides internet access to laptops, smartphones, etc. If you have a router at home then all your family members can access the internet on their smartphone, tablet, iPod, laptop or PC (only if they are within the range of Wi-Fi network).

You can turn your PC, laptop or smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot in the absence of the router. In this post you will come to know how to use your laptop or smartphone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot or internet tethering. After creating the Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to connect your smartphones or laptops and access the internet on the move.

Turn your Laptop or PC into Virtual Router or Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wireless-equipped laptop or a PC with Wi-Fi adapter
Internet Connection
A virtual router software

To turn your laptop/PC into WiFi access point you need to use a software – MyPublicWiFi. This software is allows nearby people to surf the internet through your sharing. It also allows you to record and track the visited web pages on the virtual WiFi hotspot. The best thing is it is completely Free to use.

How to use it?
  • Download and install MyPublicWiFi
  • Launch MyPublicWiFi program
  • Under Setting tab, You can give any name to the hotspot in Network name box
  •  Choose a password which contains at least 8 characters
  • Tick the check box to Enable Internet Sharing
  • Select the Network adapter that you want to share
  • Click on ‘Set up and Start Hotspot’

 Now your smartphone, tablet, iPod or laptop will notify you about this new hotspot.

Click on connect and enter the password you choose while setting up the hotspot to access the internet.

Using Clients tab of MyPublicWiFi, you can see the connected devices information. And in the Management tab, you can configure firewall and Enable URL log to monitor browsing activities on the virtual hotspot. You can also set “auto start” option in this tab.

Turn your Smartphone into Wi-Fi Hotspot:

A smartphone with tethering & hotspot option
Valid Internet data pack

Now follow the steps to create a virtual wi-fi hotspot.
Go to Settings in your smartphone à Select More…

 Then tap on Tethering & portable hotspot 

Drag the Slide button to enable WLAN hotspot (Options may differ from one mobile phone to other)

Tap on WLAN hotspot or Select ‘Set up Wi-Fi hotspot’ (or WPS Connect option) to change the name of the hotspot and set up a password security to prevent others from accessing the internet through your smartphone.

That’s all. You have created a portable hotspot on your mobile. Now your portable hotspot provides internet access to all the nearby devices. Do not share the hotspot’s password information with others to prevent unauthorized usage.
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3 Best Ways to Download Paid Apps for Free

Google Playstore is the most comprehensive android app store. Here you can find almost every app you want. But, unfortunately not all the apps are free to use. There are lot of paid apps in the store. In order to install and use these paid apps you have to pay some money.
But, still there are few app stores that provide paid apps for free.


Aptoide is the largest Android app store and best alternative to Google Playstore. It allows users to setup and manage their own Android Store. In this store you can find thousands of Paid apps for Free. Aptoide allows users to upload apps so that other users can use them for free. Aptoide verifies the uploaded apps to ensure the safety and then displays in the app store.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is an app store for android smartphones and tablets. It provides you many apps without any registration. Many paid apps can be found on Blackmart for Free. This market is very simple to use and offers many features. Actually in this market some users share all the data files and apk of the premium app so that other users can also download them. So if you want to download paid apps for free then you can use Blackmart.

There is no “trial” or “test” app, only full and free apps available on the Blackmart Alpha market. Drawback is there are very few apps available in the store.

You can download the app from here: Blackmart


This is an another android app store which provides best available alternates to paid apps. When you select the alternate you will be redirected to google Play store to download the app. Antiroid helps you to find and download alternative for any paid app from Google Play store.
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Free Hard Disk Partition Software For Personal & Commercial Use

While performing a clean installation of an operating system (OS), we generally create some partitions based on our requirements. Dividing the hard disk space into partitions also helps to optimize a computer’s performance. Assume that you have created only two partitions while installing the OS. Now for some reason you want to create few more partitions without deleting or formatting the existing partitions. What will you do then? You need to have a partition manager.

In this post I will let you know about a Free partition manager that is feature-rich and easy to use.

AOMEI partition assistant is a powerful partition management tool. AOMEI helps you to manage your hard disk and partitions irrespective of its storage capacity. AOMEI Partition Assistant embeds sector-level data protection technology. This feature-rich partition assistant software contains several Wizards which help you to perform different functions like Extending partition, Copying Disk or partition, Partition recovery, etc. It also allows you to convert the partitions from FAT file system to NTFS.

 The beauty of AOMEI partition assistant is it provides the ability to create a “Windows To Go” bootable disk that allows you to boot Windows 10/8/8.1 from a USB drive.  This feature allows you to deploy your work environment at any computer. You need not to have an Enterprise Edition of Windows 10/8/8.1 if you use AOMEI partition assistant tool.

This Free Partition Manager has the following features.

  • Resize and move partition
  • Merge partitions – can be used to create a larger partition by merging the consecutive partitions.
  • Split a partition - create more partitions by splitting a partition
  • Wipe Partition – Permanently wipes that data to anti-recovery
  • Convert FAT file system to NTFS
  • Create, format or delete partition
  • No need to restart computer after extending NTFS partition
  • Hide partition – can be used to hide a partition from preying eyes

Finally, I would like to say AOMEI Partition Assistant is a fantastic disk partition solution that supports all hard disks recognized by Windows. It is absolutely FREE for personal and commercial use. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of all editions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP.

You can download it from this LINK
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Do You Know How To Undo a “Sent” Email in Gmail?

It is possible that sometimes by mistake you send emails to wrong person or sometimes you send the email before making the necessary changes. You may realize this mistake after clicking on the “Send” button. But unfortunately the mail is already sent and there is no option to cancel it. Gmail doesn’t show you any option to cancel or undo the sent mail on the screen by default.  

You need not to worry about it if you follow this tutorial to change a setting in Gmail settings.

In this post I will walk you through a few simple steps to enable the Undo send option in Gmail.

Here we go:
1)     Log into your Gmail account and click the gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail window and then
2) Select Settings from the drop down menu.

3)     Click on the General Tab and 
4)  Select “Enable Undo Send

 The “send cancellation period” is set to 10 seconds by default. It means that this “Undo” option will be available only for 10 seconds after you click on the Send button. So you have only 10 seconds to click before the Undo button disappears. But you can change that setting up to 30 seconds as shown in the figure. Now this feature allows you to cancel an email up to 30 seconds after pressing "send"

3)     Now Click on Save Changes button at the bottom. It is done!

Next time when you send an email you can see the Undo option alongside of the yellow dialogue that says “Your message has been sent”. Click on the “Undo” option as soon as you realize your mistake after sending the mail.

Remember: The “Undo” option will be available only for few seconds. Once it disappears, the email will be sent. 

I hope this trick helps you. 

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