Protect your Crucial Data from Unpredictable Data Loss

Data is always crucial to the people. A person, may be a student or an employee gives much importance to his/her data. But most of the people does not know that there can be some unpredictable situations that might cause their data inaccessible. It means that there are scenarios beyond your control that may happen without your knowledge. Data backup is the most important thing for those who wants to keep their data safe forever. Data Backup is nothing but a copy of the original data. So, it is always recommended to have a backup copy of your important data. For many people Backing up data may sounds like an advanced, overwhelming task. But it is not as complicated as you are thinking.

Now, the question is What kind of data you have to backup?

You can take backup of your general documents like word documents, pdf files, personal notes and configuration files. Your backup may also include music, movies, photos, and more... in other words you can backup Everything that is stored on your PC. 

But you should remember that backup needs storage space. This isn’t a big deal for small files like Word and PDF documents or configuration settings. But, in case if you want to back up your photos, music and video collections that are dozens or hundreds of gigabytes large, then you’re really limited in where those backups can be stored. If you have more data to backup then you have to spend more time on it. So, I suggest you to select the data that is important for you. 

There are various tools available for data backup which can used to backup the files, folders, partitions and even operating system. You can also use cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Your files are automatically synchronized between your computer and the cloud storage. This is effectively a method for making automatic backups — your computer’s files are periodically copied to the Internet.

In this post, I have illustrated how to use Google Drive. Later I will post how to use other backup software.

Here, I have mentioned the steps to use the cloud storage -  Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage space.

Method 1:

1. Create a new or use your existing google account to login to 

2. Click on New button on the left pane and select Folder option to create a new folder to store your files.

3. Give a name to the folder and click on Create button.

4. Now you can see a folder you have created in My Drive area. Double click on the folder to open it.

5. Now you can drag & drop or upload your files into the folder on the google drive.

Method 2: 

If you want to upload or access the files while you are offline, then you can install and use Google's Get Drive for PC application.

Let us go through the steps to install and use this tool. 1. At the bottom-left of the Drive screen you can find Get Drive for PC option.

2. Then click on Download Drive --> Mac and PC option.

3. Click on Accept & install

4.  When prompted click on Save button. 

5. Now install the downloaded tool "googledrivesync.exe" 

6. Click on Next ---> Next ---> ---> Next ---> Done.
7. Click on Get Started

8. You can find and access the Google Drive in File Explorer's left pane.

Now you can copy your files into it, so they can be synced with google drive. You can use this application to access your files and folders even if you are offline.

If you face any problem while using Google Drive, feel free to comment or Contact Me.


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