Clean your Smartphone Speaker with an App

Sometimes you may feel that your smartphone speakers are not working as perfectly as they should work. The reason is quite common - its because dust or water. When dust or water goes into the speaker of your smartphone, clarity of the sound gets worse. Its not possible for all the people to find and fix the problem while sitting at home. Cleaning your speakers can be tricky. You have to be careful when you clean your speakers because some of the parts are delicate and you do not want to damage your speakers. It is recommended to clean your speakers periodically so they will give you the best sound possible.

A smartphone app developer has come up with a tiny app 'Speaker Clean' to give a solution to the speakers problems. 
Speaker Clean utilizes patent pending technology and ultra sound frequencies to attempt to dislodge dirt and particles that may be clogged in your speakers. Simply lay the device on a flat surface then tap the whirlwind button to initiate cleaning. The complete cycle takes less than thirty seconds but may provide a world of difference for speaker clarity.

According to the app reviews, this app is working perfectly not only for smartphone speakers but also for headphones. 


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