Smart Jewelry designed to protect women from violence & sexual assault

A new accessory developed by a startup in the United States aims to prevent sexual assaults and attacks to women worldwide.One inventor hopes to help combat the shocking statistics of violence and sexual assaults, and help women feel safe again, by designing a piece of jewellery that helps ward off potential attackers.
The simple device, called Athena, lets women press a button if they feel under threat. When activated, it emits a loud alarm and sends text messages to loved ones with the wearer’s location.
Women can wear it prominently on a necklace, to act as a deterrent, or they can attach it onto their belt loop or place it discreetly on their handbag strap.
It is expected to be available in early May 2016 and will cost $99. For each device sold, a portion of proceeds will be invested in educational programs that focus on reducing violence.


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