Mukesh Ambani’s telecom community firm Jin Infocomm had recently introduced their brand new messaging application called Jio Chat. Since they had launched 4G service in India, the communication will be much more easier than anytime along with the usage of Jio Chat app. It was for a long time foreign messaging apps are playing a huge role in Indian market. But the initial reports that the brand new application will cause small threats to popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Hike messenger.
A large portion of Indian people likes to use the local products rather than popular brands and if the same happens here beyond our vision, then the foreign apps need to rethink about their existence in India. Also the fight for Net Neutrality is currently going in India and if TRAI puts a decision that helps the Service Provides, people forced to pay extra charges for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  If such situation arises, normally the usage of Whatsapp, WeChat etc get decreases and people may start using the Local product. As Reliance is one of the Biggest Service provider in India, they can also provide data usage of this app for free. This situation also leads to the weakening of foreign apps in Indian market.
 The Indian (IM) market is dominated by global biggies. Even the Chinese have a comfortable share. Hike, the first Indian IM service, is growing fast but is still a long way from the top league. To gain further reach, companies have started offering more than only texting functions. recently upgraded to calling. The late entrant Jio Chat has launched with both video and voice calling services. Which is what could help it leap ahead.

Jio Chat's interface is similar to WeChat's. There's a big text box, on top of which are the chat, video, call and SMS options.

Unlike WhatsApp, contacts in Jio Chat are imported from your phone automatically. Those who don't have Jio Chat carry a green "Invite" box beside their name.

The video calling interface is like in Skype. But image and voice quality on each side of the call will depend on the network quality on that side. During a video call, though my friend in Jamshedpur could see and hear me clearly, his image was too noisy and his voice kept breaking. Jio Chat also has an option for group video calls.

A new feature in Jio Chat is "Channels" that is like Facebook's "Follow" or "Page" feature. If you like the MTV India channel, Jio Chat will keep you posted about its events.


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