Mukesh Ambani’s telecom community firm Jin Infocomm had recently introduced their brand new messaging application called Jio Chat. Since they had launched 4G service in India, the communication will be much more easier than anytime along with the usage of Jio Chat app. It was for a long time foreign messaging apps are playing a huge role in Indian market. But the initial reports that the brand new application will cause small threats to popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Hike messenger.
A large portion of Indian people likes to use the local products rather than popular brands and if the same happens here beyond our vision, then the foreign apps need to rethink about their existence in India. Also the fight for Net Neutrality is currently going in India and if TRAI puts a decision that helps the Service Provides, people forced to pay extra charges for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  If such situation arises, normally the usage of Whatsapp, WeChat etc get decreases and people may start using the Local product. As Reliance is one of the Biggest Service provider in India, they can also provide data usage of this app for free. This situation also leads to the weakening of foreign apps in Indian market.
 The Indian (IM) market is dominated by global biggies. Even the Chinese have a comfortable share. Hike, the first Indian IM service, is growing fast but is still a long way from the top league. To gain further reach, companies have started offering more than only texting functions. recently upgraded to calling. The late entrant Jio Chat has launched with both video and voice calling services. Which is what could help it leap ahead.

Jio Chat's interface is similar to WeChat's. There's a big text box, on top of which are the chat, video, call and SMS options.

Unlike WhatsApp, contacts in Jio Chat are imported from your phone automatically. Those who don't have Jio Chat carry a green "Invite" box beside their name.

The video calling interface is like in Skype. But image and voice quality on each side of the call will depend on the network quality on that side. During a video call, though my friend in Jamshedpur could see and hear me clearly, his image was too noisy and his voice kept breaking. Jio Chat also has an option for group video calls.

A new feature in Jio Chat is "Channels" that is like Facebook's "Follow" or "Page" feature. If you like the MTV India channel, Jio Chat will keep you posted about its events.
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Download Facebook videos on Android Phone

Wondering how to download facebook videos on your Android phone?

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is the leading app to download videos from your Facebook to your Android device. It is very easy to use.

With MyVideoDownloader, you can download any kind of videos from Facebook. Videos like tagged, shared and uploaded by you or your friends can be downloaded using this app. It is also allows you to download videos from the pages and groups you liked.

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Earthquake Alert!

An earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Nepal, and East and North India on 25 April. The Earthquake damaged several houses and marketplaces in Nepal. The death toll in Nepal has already crossed 150 and the figure is likely to rise. According to latest reports, the earthquake has claimed at least 8 lives in India.
An early alert about these natural calamities can rescue hundreds of lives. Here, your smartphone comes really handy. Google Play store already features hundreds of apps that can notify you about earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 and above from across the world.

We use an app named as Earthquake Alert. This can see magnitude 1.0+ from the US and magnitude 4.5+ from across the world. The app has already been downloaded 1 million times and has an average rating of 4.3.  
Apart from this, Google Play Store also features hundreds of apps that cater to the same purpose.

According to a report, a team of geophysicists has found that most of the smartphones are capable of retrieving early earthquake data through navigation satellites.
In the research, they used LG-made Google Nexus 5 and found the phone can accurately measure earthquake strength and point out the epicentre.
The concept can effectively bring early warning for such extreme natural calamities, thereby save millions of lives.

Smartphones can use the GPS receivers and accelerometer to sense the motion. Both the sensors can be found in most of the smartphones, including the budget ones.

Thank U :-)
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Best Mobile Tracking App | Locate and Track your lost phone | Control your cell phone remotely |

Are you afraid of your mobile phone being theft? What will you do if somebody steels your mobile? No need to think “How can I find my phone?”
There are chances to get your lost mobile using some anti theft apps. You should have an anti theft / mobile tracking app installed on your smart phone to
Locate and Track your lost phone
Control your cell phone remotely 
You can use one of the following apps to find and control your smart phone remotely.. ...

 Cerberus anti theft (7 days trial): (Download location
Google Play store)

Cover artCerberus is an excellent stand-in, with lots of options for remotely tracking, wiping and managing your phone. The app can even take a photo with your phone’s front-facing camera when it detects several failed login attempts. It’s free to try for 7 days, and costs $4 (one-time fee) after that.

You can download it from Google Play store 
or from its official website

This is a free trial for one week, then you can buy a lifetime license for a small price (4.99€) from within the application: no monthly or yearly fees, just a one-time payment. License is associated to your Cerberus account, if you have multiple devices you can use all of them (up to 3) with the same account.
It has three ways to protect your device:
- Remote control through the website
- Remote control via text messages
- SIM Checker (for devices that have a SIM card): you will automatically receive alerts if someone uses your phone with an unauthorized SIM card
Remote control allows you to perform many operations on your device, like:
- Locate and track it
- Start a loud alarm, even if the device is set to silent mode
- Wipe the internal memory and the SD card
- Hide Cerberus from the app drawer
- Lock the device with a code
- Record audio from the microphone
- Get a list of last calls sent and received
- Get information about network and operator the device is connected to
- And much more!
Cerberus automatically enables GPS if it is off when you try to localize your device (only on Android < 2.3.3) and you can protect it from unauthorized uninstalling - more info in the app configuration.
The app works even if the device does not have an internet connection thanks to remote control by sms messages. Also, the SIM Checker feature allows you to know the new number to send texts to, if the SIM card is changed. Texts received and sent for Cerberus remote control will not start any notification and will not appear in the Messages application.
Cerberus does not drain the battery because there is no background service running: it will activate only if there is a remote control request and will stop afterwards.

Anti Theft Alarm (Free):  (Download location  Google Playstore)

Do you usually leave your phone unattended at home or while charging it in public places? If you do so, you have to try this app. With this alarm you can keep doing it with no worries.
Cover art"Anti Theft Alarm" will keep your phone safe from nosy people and burglars.
You can download it from Google Playstore.
Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because a loud alarm will sound if they move or unplug the phone.
You can also set a PIN number or unlock pattern to be requested to stop the alarm. So if the alarm goes off, the intruder won't be able to stop it. You will catch them red handed!
Your phone won't be stolen or used without your permission anymore. You can also use this app to avoid your children to use your phone without you knowing. Leave your phone anywhere, no one will dare to touch it!
Try this app, you will love it!
Top Features:
✓ Motion alarm and charger alarm
✓ Pin or unlock pattern
✓ Different alarm tones and you can set your own
✓ Quick activation through notification
✓ Easy and clean user interface

Avast Anti-Theft (Free)

(Download location Google Playstore)

Cover artBest free cell phone tracker helps you find and track your lost or stolen phone, making ‘lost’ Android phones/tablets a thing of the past.

■ Locate and Track your lost phone or droid on a map through our web-based mobile phone tracking feature (uses GPS tracker and other triangulation methods).
■ Control your cell phone remotely, manage your device via a web-based interface or SMS if the phone is stolen (to do this, go to:
■ Remotely lock or wipe the phone memory, to keep your data safe.
■ Remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.
■ Set up a SIM-card-change notification to another device.
■ Stealth Mode automatically hides the app on your phone whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not even aware of its presence.
You can trigger remote features via SMS command from a friend’s phone or via our web interface at
■ Remote lock.
■ Find my phone and display it on a map. (locate the phone)
■ Wipe and erase the phone memory to keep your private data safe.
■ Activate a customizable siren or alarm.
■ Custom locked-screen text (e.g. show rewards for its return).
■ Send an on-display message to the phone.
■ Have the phone call you elsewhere to listen to surroundings (with blacked-out screen, so invisible to thieves).
■ Have calls and messages forwarded to a different phone.
■ Device manager to manage your device remotely.
★ Geofencing: Phone performs specific actions (e.g. lock, activate siren, send location) when outside of a set perimeter (e.g. if you go to a cafe and set a 500m perimeter, and somebody steals your phone and takes it beyond that, it activates your specified actions).
★ Remote identification: Takes a picture of the thief, known as Theftie, when he/she tries to unlock the device (can use front or back camera, with face recognition). Also can listen to and record audio and locates it.
★ Password check: Marks the device as stolen if a wrong locked screen password is entered 3 times.
★ Remotely send SMS: Your device will send them for you.
★ Remote data retrieval: Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, and other personal data from your phone – e.g. before remotely wiping its memory.
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Android apps like WhatsApp, hike etc., on PC

Playing games and using communication apps like Whats App, Hike, etc., on your smart phone is a wonderful experience. But the major problem is battery capacity. All most all smart phones batteries do not last longer. As you start playing a game or chatting your phone’s battery starts discharging. 
Have you ever tried installing android apps on your computer? No?
You can turn your PC into a Tab or smart phone. Just download and install  an android emulator that allows you to use all android features on your PC. 

Here are the most popular android emulators. Try and Experience android features on your PC!!!


 BlueStacks App Player is a great tool for allowing you to run your favorite mobile apps/games in fullscreen in your browser using a PC or Mac.

Once installed, BlueStacks App Player can be configured to work with your choice of popular social media platforms i.e. Facebook or Twitter. As the environment runs Android apps, you can configure BlueStacks App Player to work with your Google Play account, so you can access all your favourtite apps and games.

 If you face any issues with bluestacks (due to the absence of graphic card) you can go for Andy OS...

Andy OS

Andy OS, an Android emulator, enables you to run mobile apps and games in a sandboxed custom build of Android on your Windows desktop.

The app has hefty requirements and a tricky installation but offers much more customization than most virtualization software. Full Android emulation allows you to run pretty much everything inside and outside Google Play, and the remote-control function makes Andy ideal for gaming. The level of compatibility makes the application a great way for you to delve into Android's ecosystem without buying extra hardware. 
You can download this emulator from  Andy OS

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Best Smart Phones - ranging under Rs. 10,000

Today mobile phone is not only the basic requirement of the people but it has become a passion.  
Here is a list of the Best smart phones available in your budget.

Gionee V5 |(Black) | Rs. 9,849
 Features of Gionee V5Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 8 MP Primary Camera  |  2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1.3 GHz MT6582V/X MediaTek Cortex-A7 Quad Core Processor
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • 4.7-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dual Standby SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS 

            Gionee M2  |  (Black)  |  Rs. 9,342 
                  Features of Gionee M2

  •             Dual Standby SIM (GSM + GSM)
  •             HD Recording
  •             Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  •             Wi-Fi Enabled
  •             8 MP Primary Camera
  •             2 MP Secondary Camera
  •            Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
  •            5-inch Touchscreen
  •            1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 Quad Core Processor

            Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG   | (Black, with 16 GB, with 1.6 GHz rocessor) Rs. 9,999

             Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG  |(Red, with 8 GB, with 1.2 GHz Processor) Rs. 8,499 
            Features of Zenfone 5

  •         8 MP Pixel Master Camera with Auto Focus
  •         5-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  •          Intel Atom Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology
  •          Powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  •          2 GB RAM
  •          Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) Upgradeable to v4.4 (KitKat) OS
  •         Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
                 Redmi 2  |  (White)  |  Rs. 6,999

                 Features of Redmi 2 

  •           Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
  •           8 MP Primary Camera | 2 MP Secondary Camera
  •          Dual Sim (GSM + LTE). 4G support
  •          Wi-Fi Enabled
  •          4.7-inch Touchscreen
  •          FM Radio
  •         1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 Quad Core Processor
  •          Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB

            Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G | (Black, with 8 GB)| Rs. 6999

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