Protect your Crucial Data from Unpredictable Data Loss

Data is always crucial to the people. A person, may be a student or an employee gives much importance to his/her data. But most of the people does not know that there can be some unpredictable situations that might cause their data inaccessible. It means that there are scenarios beyond your control that may happen without your knowledge. Data backup is the most important thing for those who wants to keep their data safe forever. Data Backup is nothing but a copy of the original data. So, it is always recommended to have a backup copy of your important data. For many people Backing up data may sounds like an advanced, overwhelming task. But it is not as complicated as you are thinking.

Now, the question is What kind of data you have to backup?

You can take backup of your general documents like word documents, pdf files, personal notes and configuration files. Your backup may also include music, movies, photos, and more... in other words you can backup Everything that is stored on your PC. 

But you should remember that backup needs storage space. This isn’t a big deal for small files like Word and PDF documents or configuration settings. But, in case if you want to back up your photos, music and video collections that are dozens or hundreds of gigabytes large, then you’re really limited in where those backups can be stored. If you have more data to backup then you have to spend more time on it. So, I suggest you to select the data that is important for you. 

There are various tools available for data backup which can used to backup the files, folders, partitions and even operating system. You can also use cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Your files are automatically synchronized between your computer and the cloud storage. This is effectively a method for making automatic backups — your computer’s files are periodically copied to the Internet.

In this post, I have illustrated how to use Google Drive. Later I will post how to use other backup software.

Here, I have mentioned the steps to use the cloud storage -  Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage space.

Method 1:

1. Create a new or use your existing google account to login to 

2. Click on New button on the left pane and select Folder option to create a new folder to store your files.

3. Give a name to the folder and click on Create button.

4. Now you can see a folder you have created in My Drive area. Double click on the folder to open it.

5. Now you can drag & drop or upload your files into the folder on the google drive.

Method 2: 

If you want to upload or access the files while you are offline, then you can install and use Google's Get Drive for PC application.

Let us go through the steps to install and use this tool. 1. At the bottom-left of the Drive screen you can find Get Drive for PC option.

2. Then click on Download Drive --> Mac and PC option.

3. Click on Accept & install

4.  When prompted click on Save button. 

5. Now install the downloaded tool "googledrivesync.exe" 

6. Click on Next ---> Next ---> ---> Next ---> Done.
7. Click on Get Started

8. You can find and access the Google Drive in File Explorer's left pane.

Now you can copy your files into it, so they can be synced with google drive. You can use this application to access your files and folders even if you are offline.

If you face any problem while using Google Drive, feel free to comment or Contact Me.

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YouTube pairing between Smart TV and Smartphone or Tablet

Watching YouTube videos on a smart TV or game console is an amazing experience, but searching for the videos using TV remote is a time consuming task and soon you will get annoyed.

In such situations, YouTube pairing is the best solution for your problems. YouTube Pairing simply uses your phone as the search device and sends the YouTube address to your Smart TV’s YouTube app, then your TV starts streaming the video.
Here, in this post I have mentioned the steps to pair your smartphone or tablet with your smart TV.

YouTube Pairing 
Remember: Your smart TV and smartphone/tablet must be connected to same Wi-Fi network, otherwise pairing process will fail.
Now follow these easier steps to pair your TV with your Smartphone or Tablet.

On Smart TV
1.     Open YouTube app in your smart TV. Then you can see Pair device option.
2.     Select the ‘Pair’ option 
3.     A nine digit pairing code will appear on your TV screen. Now it’s time to make some settings in your smartphone.

On your Smartphone or Tablet
1.     Open YouTube app on your smartphone and Go to Settings

      2. Select Connected TVs option from the settings menu. 

      3. From the Connected TVs menu select Add a TV option. 

      4. In Add a TV menu, you can find “Enter pairing code” box. There you have to enter the pairing code which is displayed on your smart TV and then click on Add button. 

Once the device is connected it should be visible as a connected device on your TV screen, which will be automatically updated.

That's it. You’re done. Now you can start searching for videos on your device and watch them on the bigger display of your smart TV.

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Edit your PDF Files with Wondershare PDF Editor

PDF - (Portable Document Format) file format is the way people use to share important business documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system. The main purpose of using the PDF file format is to prevent the documents being edited and to prevent the formatting errors which may occur due to the incompatibilities of the various word processors. PDF format gives a neat look to the document regardless of the word processor that you are using. These PDF files can also be password protected to prevent copying and editing. These are the reasons why many organizations prefer documents, letters and even resumes in PDF format.

Sounds good, but what if you want to make some necessary changes in the PDF file. PDF file format does not allow you to make any changes i.e. insert or delete anything into/from the document. But there are tools available to edit the PDF documents. One of the feature-rich PDF editing tools is Wondershare PDF Editor. 

Using the Wondershare PDF Editor you can edit and/or convert a PDF file into easily editable Word, Excel or PPT file format. Wondershare PDF Editor has every tool that allows you to edit the text, images, watermarks & signatures easily.

Features of Wondershare PDF Editor:

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Wondershare PDF Editor free download.
  • Can edit PDF files.
  • Can convert PDF files into multiple editable file formats.
  • Supports OCR technology.
  • Can edit scanned documents.
  • Can highlight specific text.
  • Can add stamps from library.
  • Can create your own stamp.
  • Password protected.
You can download it from its official website.

If you need any further assistance or information, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
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Two WhatsApp Accounts on 1 Smartphone (No Rooting required)

WhatsApp is a feature-rich and a very popular cross-platform messaging app that can be found on every smartphone. WhatsApp had recently announced that they have over 900 million monthly active users. WhatsApp has become a basic need of everyone's life.  It is a very good platform to share photos, videos & messages in groups and also it allows you to broadcast the messages to all your contacts.

A good news for the WhatsApp users is WhatsApp developers are working hard to provide video-calling feature as well.

Do you know that we can have two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone? Yes, you can run dual WhatsApp accounts on one single smartphone. Here, in this post I have mentioned the requirements and methods to install the second WhatsApp on your mobile.

Requirements for Dual WhatsApp in Single Android Phone:

  • Android Mobile Phone
  • Whatsmapp apk (Download Link)
  • Works With Rooted and Non Rooted Both Phones.
  • Any Working Internet Connection 2g/3g/4g/wifi

Steps To Install Dual Whatsapp (Rooting is not required):

Download Whatsmapp app from this Download Link and install it on your phone. 
You need not to uninstall the previous WhatsApp which you’ve been using on your smartphone.
Simply hit “Install” so as to install WhatsApp on your phone. It then asks you to accept the terms and conditions before installing new WhatsApp app on your phone. Simply tap on Agree and Continue.

After the app is installed on your phone, you need to enter the mobile number that you wish to use as a secondary WhatsApp number. Then enter the verification code that you will receive on the phone number you have entered.

Enter your name and a choose a profile pic and then just tap on ‘Next’.

That's all, you did it. Now click on Continue. You can now add contacts and chat with your beloved ones using this secondary WhatsApp account.

If you have any problems while using this app then feel free to comment here. :-)
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Never Forget a Password – Use LastPass Password Manager

It is not so uncommon that people have multiple accounts on various websites for various purposes. Whatever the reason maybe, when you sign-up on a website, generally you may tend to use your regular login credentials i.e. same user name & same password (as it is difficult to remember multiple usernames and passwords). But you must have to know that if someone comes to know about your login ID and password, then all your website accounts and your precious data can be at risk. So it is not recommended to use the same Login credentials for all your website accounts. But it is also not an easier task to remember all the different login IDs & password combinations. 

In order to safeguard your login credentials and to protect your data, I suggest you to use a password manager so that you need not to bother about remembering the login credentials. All you have to remember is the master password of the password manager. There are several password managers available on the internet. 
 LastPass is one of the secure and most trusted password managers that can be used online and even offline. Once you install the LastPass on your device, it grabs all your login credentials from the browser i.e. When you login to a website using your login ID & password, LastPass automatically stores the credentials in its database. It allows you to view all your accounts and passwords in one secure “vault”. It displays how many accounts have been saved for the site just by clicking the LastPass browser icon.
LastPass also offers the form filling i.e. when you open a website to login, LastPass automatically fills the login ID and password into the respective areas.
LastPass can be used on various platforms like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, and has plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.
Click Here to Download LastPass
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Google's Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations

During his first visit to India, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that the company is going to provide free and high-speed Wi-Fi access to railway commuters at over 400 stations in India. Google has partnered with Railtel Corporation to make this project a reality. 

Mumbai Central will be the first railway station to get free Wi-Fi under this project, which may go live by January, 2016. Google says that over 100 railway stations will become Wi-Fi enabled railway zones in India by the end of 2016. Google is striving to make the project a reality.

Railtel owns a Pan-India optic fiber network exclusively on railway track. It has laid out over 45,000 kms of optic fibre networks across the country, which Google will utilize for its Wi-Fi.
Therefore, Railtel will be the ISP, while Google will provide the Wireless Area Networks (WAN) and will set-up the Wi-Fi access points at platforms. You must know that Google’s free WiFi will only work at the platforms, not in the trains.

Google says that the users who watch videos on the railway Wi-Fi network will get at least HD standard streaming. Google will also aim to maintain speed, efficiency across a board of devices.

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Clean your Smartphone Speaker with an App

Sometimes you may feel that your smartphone speakers are not working as perfectly as they should work. The reason is quite common - its because dust or water. When dust or water goes into the speaker of your smartphone, clarity of the sound gets worse. Its not possible for all the people to find and fix the problem while sitting at home. Cleaning your speakers can be tricky. You have to be careful when you clean your speakers because some of the parts are delicate and you do not want to damage your speakers. It is recommended to clean your speakers periodically so they will give you the best sound possible.

A smartphone app developer has come up with a tiny app 'Speaker Clean' to give a solution to the speakers problems. 
Speaker Clean utilizes patent pending technology and ultra sound frequencies to attempt to dislodge dirt and particles that may be clogged in your speakers. Simply lay the device on a flat surface then tap the whirlwind button to initiate cleaning. The complete cycle takes less than thirty seconds but may provide a world of difference for speaker clarity.

According to the app reviews, this app is working perfectly not only for smartphone speakers but also for headphones. 

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Mobikwik - A Virtual Wallet - A Must Have App

MobiKwik is a virtual wallet where users can store their money and when needed they can utilize it to pay merchants using their mobile, tab, desktop, or by simply sending an sms. 

MobiKwik can be used to  
    • Make instant prepaid mobile recharge for Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Telenor & BSNL.
    • Make postpaid mobile bill payments for Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance CDMA, Tata Docomo, & Idea.
    • Data card recharge for Tata Photon, Reliance Net connect, MTS Mblaze, Idea Net setter, etc.
    • DTH recharge for Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct, Videocon d2h, and more
    • Pay Electricity bills for BSES Rajdhani Power, BSES Yamuna, Reliance Energy, Tata Power, MSED Mumbai and more.
    • Pay Water bills for Bangalore water supply.
    • Pay Gas Bills for Indraprastha Gas Ltd, Mahanagar Gas Ltd, Gujrat Gas Company Ltd.
    • Transfer and receive money instantly
    • Shop on various websites & apps and 
    • avail Exclusive Offers!
     Of course you can use internet banking for payments but multiple levels of authentication on debit and credit cards are generally complicated for the consumers.

    MobiKwik Wallet simplifies all that with a 1-click Payment flow on your phone, tablet or computer which works the same way every time. MobiKwik allows you to shop on any merchant. You can get exclusive discounts and offers every time you shop using the MobiKwik wallet. You can also browse & find best plans for 2G, 3G, 4G.
    Mobikwik is developed in such a way so that every Indian can make payments in an easier way from his/her device.

    How to use it???
    • Signup using mobikwik app or website -
    • Log into the app or website-
    • Load money into your MobiKwik wallet  (You can use your Debit/Credit card for this)
    • Now you can Recharge mobile / DTH / Data card or Make bill payments like Landline, Electricity, Insurance, Water and Gas.
    Click HERE to Download MobiKwik app for Android 
    Click HERE to Download MobiKwik app for iPhone
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    Troubleshooting Wi-fi connectivity issues in Windows

    Often we find some mysterious messages of Windows when we try to access internet over Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity): 
    This connection has limited or no connectivity.  
    No internet access
    The connection is limited

    The limited connectivity issue is an extremely annoying problem because the error can easily waste an entire day trying to fix it.  
    Here, I will give you some tips to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
    When you encounter Wi-Fi network issues, ensure that Wi-Fi drivers are installed properly.

    1)      The very first thing that you have to do is rebooting both the system and Wi-Fi router.
    2)        Turn off the Wi-Fi router & hold the reset button of the router for 30 seconds
    That should get you back online! If not then you must attempt the following tricks or methods.

    3)          Reset the Wireless network adapter

    • In the Run box type the following command 
    • This command brings a list of network connection icons. Now find the Wi-Fi network adapter & Right-click on the Wi-Fi connection and select Disable.
    • After that you have to Enable the Wi-Fi adapter by double clicking on the Wi-Fi connection.
    • Now try to access internet in your browser.

    If the problem is not resolved, then try the next remaining methods too…

    4)                Reset the TCP/IP stack | This can solve some browsing issues
    You can reset the TCP/IP stack using the following netsh command
    •     In the search box of Windows type cmd
    •     In the search results, Right click on the Command Prompt
    •     Click on Run as administrator
    (You can launch the Command Prompt with administrative privileges by simply pressing Windows key + x and then a)

    Then type the following command and press Enter
    netsh int ip reset
    Now restart the computer.

    5)      Disable Wi-Fi adapter napping
            Your Wi-Fi network adapter might be going into a sleep mode to conserve energy.
    • In the Run box type the following command
    • This command brings a list of network connection icons.
    • Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network and choose the Properties
     In the Wi-Fi Properties window click the Configure button.

    Then pick the last tab called Power Management and you’ll see this option:
    Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    Uncheck it, click OK and then login to your computer again to confirm the fix.
    6)      Reset TCP/IP Autotuning
    Using the following three netsh commands in Windows might fix the issue.
    Launch the command prompt with administrative privileges and type:
    netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
    netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled
    Hope your problem will be solved after attempting the above methods. Please leave your feedback and let me know if you are still facing any sort of problem.
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